• Allergy / Respiratory Equipment & Supplies

    Allergy / Respiratory Equipment & Supplies (36)

    KW-Med carries a full line of top quality allergy and respiratory equipment and supplies.
  • Anesthesia / Pain Management

    Anesthesia / Pain Management (24)

    Anesthisia and pain management supplies at affordable prices.
  • Diagnostic Equipment & Supplies

    Diagnostic Equipment & Supplies (8)

    High quality medical diagnostic equipment and supplies from KW-Med. Providing the diagnostic medical equipment to get the readings you need.
  • Emergency Equipment & Supplies

    Emergency Equipment & Supplies (17)

    High quality emergency equipment and supplies at affordable prices!
  • I.V. Administration

    I.V. Administration (4)

    KW-Med - high quality, affordable IV administration supplies.
  • Monitor Supplies

    Monitor Supplies (4)

    From lithium batteries to electrodes and defibrillator gel, we have all your necessary monitor supplies!
  • Specials!

    Specials! (3)

    Specials! Check out our current specials!
  • Surgical Supplies

    Surgical Supplies (38)

    We have a wide variety of sutures, surgical blades, cauteries, blood collection sets and more ... all high quality products at affordable prices!
  • Sutures

    Sutures (8)

    KW-Med offers absorbable and non-absorbable suture products for the medical market, including the popular Visorb® and Visorb Quick® braided, synthetic absorbable suture, and Polypro® polypropylene monofilament.  We have both synthetic and natural fibers. For more information, please see the individual products.
  • Blades

    Blades (8)

    We carry a variety of surgical blades for the medical market in both carbon steel and stainless steel. For more details, please see the individual products.
  • Disposable Mouthpieces

    Disposable Mouthpieces (9)

    Our disposable mouthpieces fit the following peak flow meters and spirometers without requiring and adapter:Mini Wright PFM-standard and low-range, MicroPeak PFM, Pocket PFM, Assess PFM, Truzone PFM, Koko PFM and Spirometers, Spiro-Flow PFM, Circadian Model 29-7000, AsmaPLAN PFM and Spirometers, Breon adult PFM, PS600/...